Preserving Elegance: Mastering the Art of Cleaning Marble Floors in Burr Ridge

Elevate Your Space: Expert Marble Floor Care by Haugland Brothers

Marble floors exude an aura of timeless elegance, gracing homes and businesses with their natural beauty. However, these exquisite surfaces demand special care and attention. Using improper cleaning products can lead to irreversible damage, leaving stains, etches, and a loss of shine. At Haugland Brothers, we understand the delicate nature of marble floors and have honed our expertise in their meticulous care.

Sensitivity of Marble Floors

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Marble, a metamorphic rock composed mainly of calcite, is susceptible to damage from acidic substances. Common household cleaners, which often have a low pH, can etch the surface, leaving dull spots or marks. This is why it’s crucial to use pH-neutral cleaning solutions specifically designed for marble.

Our Proven Approach

Our process begins with a thorough assessment of your marble floors. We identify any existing damage or imperfections before tailoring a cleaning regimen to suit your specific needs. Haugland Brothers employs cutting-edge, industry-approved techniques and products, ensuring a safe and effective clean.


Gentleness is key. We use specially formulated, pH-neutral cleaners that lift dirt and grime without causing harm. Our trained technicians apply a meticulous touch, ensuring every inch of your marble floor is treated with care.


Sealing is a critical step in preserving the integrity of your marble floors. Our high-quality sealants provide an invisible barrier, safeguarding against spills and stains without altering the natural beauty of the stone.


To restore the brilliance of your marble floors, our team employs a multi-step polishing process. This method not only enhances the luster but also smoothens any minor imperfections, leaving your floor gleaming and refined.

With Haugland Brothers, your marble floors are in the hands of experts who understand their unique needs. Trust us to deliver a level of care and expertise that will keep your marble floors looking impeccable for years to come. Elevate your space with Haugland Brothers today!

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