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Clean Carpets and Pets: Is It Possible to Have Both?

Here are 3 important tips to help you keep your carpets clean as a pet owner.

Many people decide against having a pet because of the extra cleaning the house requires when you share your living room with an aminal. However, owning a pet can be highly beneficial for your overall health as it gives you great opportunities to exercise, socialize and teach kids about responsibility and empathy. Still, the extra cleaning won’t go away, no matter how sweet your four-legged friend is.

If you have carpets with long fibers around the house, then they will act like magnets for dirt and shed hair from your pet. A dirty carpet will make the whole room look uninviting. So what can be done? Is it possible to have both clean carpets and pets? The answer is Yes, and here’s how.

Clean Your Pet’s Paws When Coming in from Outside

This rule applies mostly to dogs because they generally need to be outside several times a day, but cats should wipe their paws too when coming from the outdoors. Set a cleaning spot at the entrance of the house. Use rags, a towel used only for this purpose and an area rug to shake and wipe off all the dirt they gathered on their paws and fur.

In extreme cases, just get your pet directly in the bathtub and clean their paws and bellies. Cats are less likely to come all muddy from the outside, but they could use an area rug too when coming in the house. You can cut down rug pieces and fit them on the window sill or below the cat door they use for entering. Put carpets and rugs with short fibers, that are very easy to clean.

Bathe and Groom Your Pet Regularly

Besides bringing actual dirt from the street into the house, pets also contribute to the shagginess of the house by getting their fur everywhere. Spring and autumn are particularly painful, especially when owning pets with impressive manes. Brush their fur regularly and don’t skip their baths. Clean pets mean clean carpets.

Remove Stains from Your Pets as Soon as Possible

As trained as your dog or cat may be, accidents happen. If your carpet gets stains, it is best to clean it right away. Have pet-friendly detergent available at all times in the carpet areas, so that you can apply it immediately and take out the stain and smell. If nothing helps or if you are dealing with stains that won’t go away, give the carpet cleaning professionals at Haugland Brothers a call at (708) 354-2337!

Having pets sometimes means dealing with dirt and mess, but the rewarding time spent with them and the amazing love they give us back is worth every minute of scrubbing and rubbing. If you make a habit of keeping your pet clean every day, your carpets won’t need too much extra attention. Be sure to do the maintenance cleaning all the time and reserve one hour a week or twice a month for deep cleaning.

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